Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Toy Story 3

WOW! This movie can only be explained in one word: incredible.


If you have seen the latest Toy Story movie then you have to agree with me. It was the perfect ending to an amazing journey. I never thought I would like the third installment of this movie more than the first two, but boy was I proven wrong. Thank goodness I had Kleenex in my bag! I did not think the waterworks were going to come, but when the movie was finishing up I found myself reaching for the tissues more than once. Don't worry, I will not give anything away! I don't want to ruin the movie for all of you, but let me just say you will not be disappointed if you see this!

My favorite toy in this movie and all the movies is by far Woody! I know that Woody is the generic answer, but I have a few reasons why I love him! First of all, he is a leader. You have to admire his courage and loyalty. Yes, I am praising a fictional character, but he deserves the admiration. Woody is the perfect example of a best friend. He never lets you down.

There was a lot of adventure in this movie as well! Let me just say these toys are unstoppable. They come up with brilliant plans and execute everyone of them perfectly. It is just so impressive. Every time they escape a bad situation I am astonished. The writers must be geniuses!

Alright, that is the end of my rant about Toy Story 3. If you haven't seen it yet then please get your behinds into a movie seat ASAP, and enjoy this movie which you will NEVER forget.


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  1. I seen it last night and i was crying too :) hehe!!
    it was such a great movie..
    deffo my fave out of the 3 :)
    hope ur keeping well alex
    <3 ur vids
    Love LouLouHeartsMakeUp