Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Renovating Room: Day 2

Today has been a tiring, but rewarding day! One of my best friends, Kate, came over at around 1 to help me paint my entire room. So, my sisters and I, along with Kate, began to paint my whole room. It took so long, but I think it turned out great. The color is fabulous. It is like a dark lavender. Here are a few pictures of us painting.

Then after the paint was all dry, I took all the tape of the walls. This didn't take too long, but it was just annoying! Once the tape was off, the fun stuff started :) We moved everything back into my room and rearranged the whole place. I love the way my room is setup; I have so much more room.

The only thing left to do is hang stuff on the walls. That will be done this Tuesday, so the room tour will be up on Wednesday like I promised! Talk to you all then.


  1. wow nice colour i hope it all turns out great XD x

  2. wow! i absoloutly cannot wait for your room tour! xo

  3. that is such a pretty color, it reminds me of spring time. have fun! :)