Monday, August 30, 2010

New Favorite Songs: August!

Hey loves! Here are a few of my favorite songs of the moment.

1. Circle The Drain - Katy Perry
2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) - Katy Perry
3. Mine - Taylor Swift
4. Magic - B.o.B.
5. Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida
6. Just a Dream - Nelly
7. Take it Off - Kesha
8. Secrets - One Republic
9. Love Letter to Japan - The Birds and the Bees
10. Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars
11. If It's Love - Train
12. Ants Marching - Dave Matthews Bands
13. Two More Lonely People - Miley Cyrus
14. The One That Got Away- Katy Perry
15. Stronger - Britney Spears

I am completely obsessed with Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album. You need to have it :)

xoxo -Alex

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tutorial: Drugstore Makeup

Hey everyone! Today, I posted a drugstore makeup tutorial on my YouTube channel. If you missed anything I used, I will fill you in right now! I hope this helps you. -

1. First, I applied the Dream Mousse Concealer in Light 4-5 with my finger under the eyes. Then I applied the same concealer on all the blemishes with the SS224. Remember to use a swirling motion!
2. Next I used foundation. The foundation I used was the Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation in 150 Classic Ivory. This was $10, and has medium coverage! I used the sponge applicator that came with the foundation, but I would recommend a SS190. I also primed Gabby's lids with this foundation.
3. After foundation, I put on some blush. I used the Maybelline Dream Mousse in Soft Plum 40. I applied it with the SS187 because the stippling brush really swirls the product into the apple's of the cheeks perfectly. The blush was about $8.
4. The last step for the face was to apply powder! I used the Maybelline Mineral Power Powder with the SS150. This powder will just help set your makeup.

5. For the eyes, I used the Revlon Khaki Suede bases. I used the first, tan color in the quad, and applied it evenly to both lids.
6. I used the Maybelline Bronze Glitz Trio for eyeshadow. I really recommend this trio because it has great pigmentation. I used the SS252 to apply the tan, bottom color.
7. Then I took the SS217. and applied the top, bronze color into the crease.
8.Next, I used the Mayeblline Unstoppable eyeliner.
9. Lastly, I used the Covergirl Lastblast Fusion mascara.

10. For lips, I first put on some Chapstick!
11. Then I used the Maybelline lip stick in Pink Quartz; 115.
12. For some shine, I used the Maybelline Shinylicious in Hit or Miss!

Here is the finished look!

If you want to know prices of anything, you can go to and type the product in the search bar! I don't remember the prices of everything :)

Have a nice day! xoxo

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fall Shoe Trends

Hello loves! Since fall is approaching, I decided to do a blog post all about shoes for the season! Fall is my favorite season for fashion because you can pull off so much! All of the colors are deep and chic, so the fashion is insanely gorgeous. There are so many different types of shoes for fall as well! You can rock boots, heels, moccasins, and so much more! In this post, I will show you my favorites. Let's start!

Many of you probably noticed how popular the color purple was last season! Fortunately for all of my purple lovers, we will be seeing a lot more of it this year as well! This really excites me because plum shoes are fantastic! Here are a few examples of fun, plum shoes.

These suede boots are from Naturalizer Hayward. Aren't they cute?

I know most of you aren't UGG fans, but I don't mind them! I think these plum puppies are adorable. The buttons and weaving make them look awesome.

BOOTS. BOOTS. BOOTS. I love them so much. Let's talk about some boot trends that you are going to see on the streets this year. Ankle boots and over the knee boots are going to be very popular for fall! Anything suede or leather is great. I love boots with the motorcycle feel because they are very spunky! Also, boots with some embellishments like zippers are going to be very popular! Believe it or not, designers have been creating thigh boots or over the knee boots for this year. I am not confident enough to walk around in boots like that, but for any of you that are... Good luck!

Since dark reds, navys, and blacks are in style , the heels this season are hotter than ever. This year, classic stilettos are kicking the curb, and funky heels are stepping in. Try something with studs or fringe; both are very in this year. I also love the curved heel style.The slight curve in structure gives the classic heel a twist! Here are some awesome heels.

Let's wrap up this post talking about moccasins. I am a huge fan of this style of shoe because I love to feel comfy!! You can try classic moccasins like the ones in the first picture below or you can show of in ones with embellishments. I think moccasins are very pretty when they have fringe or embellishment because they feel more earthy that way! To me, moccasins are the perfect everyday shoes!

I hope you enjoyed this post all about my favorite things... SHOES!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


So, if you don't know, I am by no means a runner! For some reason; however, I woke up today with the sudden urge to go for a run. As I was getting in my runner clothing I noticed I couldn't find my sneakers. When someone can't find their sneakers, you know how unathletic they are :) Anyway, after about 10 minutes of searching Sammy and I hit the road. Since we left late, around 11 am, it was pretty hot and muggy.

I am the type of person that cramps up really easily, which is why I never run. It doesn't matter how slow I jog, after five minutes I automatically get a cramp. I think the cramps are due to my breathing patterns. I sound so serious right now, but I really do think it is because I don't breathe properly when I run! I clearly have to work on that. Sure enough after a few minutes on the road I got a cramp. So, Sammy and I decided to play the jog-walk game. Basically you jog up until a stop sign, and then you walk to the next one. It helps get rid of cramps very well because the walking gives you a chance to breathe.

Playing the jog-walk game was not bad until I started itching. Since it was so muggy, my legs started to itch! I don't know if it was a bug bite or just the weather, but oh my goodness I was scratching. Trying to jog and scratch at the same time is really difficult. So, after 2 circles around my neighborhood Sam and I went home.

For me, it was a pretty successful endeavor. My legs feel a bit like jello, which I think is a good thing :) I hope this post didn't bore you too much! Are any of you bad runners as well? Tell me in the comments.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photo Booth Fun!

Here are some pictures my sisters and I took last night when we were bored! Gabby is in the first 3 and Sammy is in all of them :) I hope you guys like this small post.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sun Laboratories Sunless Tanner

Hey everyone! Today's post is going to be an extended review of Sun Labs tanning set. I really enjoyed having the chance to review the products, and I want to make sure I express how much I loved them!

Basically, the set I was sent contained three items: exfoliator, tanning lotion, and moisturizer. Together, these products help make your fake tan look as natural as possible. The exfoliator is so important because it will create an even surface for the tanner to go smoothly onto.

Once you have exfoliated, you can apply the self tanner. It may look dark and scary at first, but once rubbed nicely into your skin, this product will blow your mind! First I applied to my arms, and then just went up my body until I got to my face. Don't worry about your hands getting streaky because as long as you wash your hands after each section you won't look like an orange!

Since the tanner is slightly tinted, it was easy to realize if I missed a spot as I applied it. That is the best thing about the tanner: Being able to spot a mistake before it is too late! As long as your fix any spots you missed, your tan won't look streaky.

After you tan, you can go to sleep! When you wake up the next morning, you can use the maintainer to help lengthen the tan.

This set worked wonders for me, so I hope you click the links below to find out for yourself.

My video on the set:
Where to buy the set:

xoxo -alex

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yuna's Closet - An Affordable Clothing Shop

Today I am going to introduce you to a company called Yuna's Closet. If you are a Forever 21 fan, then you will adore Yuna's Closet. It may not be as popular yet, but believe me this company is going places! Providing it's shoppers with Japanese and Korean inspired clothing, Yuna's closet is not only affordable, but also trendy.

The clothes on the site are extremely chic. I think anyone who likes to be on top of the trends will love Yuna's closet. They sell the most amazing dresses, pants, skirts, and shirts for outstanding prices. Alot of shoppers today look for a company that will provide them with up to date fashion at affordable prices, and Yuna's Closet does just that.

They are also working on expanding their jewelry collection for all of us eager buyers! I think they are doing a great job of picking accessories that will interest most shoppers.

It is very simple to pick out the correct size for yourself on Yuna's Closet. All you have to do is chose the same size you would in Forever 21. For instance, I am a small in tops in both Yuna's Closet and Forever 21. I know, for sure, that the sizes do correspond because I was sent a few pieces from Yuna's Closet, and they all fit me great!

I hope you ladies enjoyed my review. I really encourage you to check out the site, because; like I said, I think this company is going to be a huge success some day! You can help it get there.

Click the link below to see Yuna's Closet:

I will also be doing a video on this company where you will be able to see everything I was given! It will be up soon :)