Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fall Shoe Trends

Hello loves! Since fall is approaching, I decided to do a blog post all about shoes for the season! Fall is my favorite season for fashion because you can pull off so much! All of the colors are deep and chic, so the fashion is insanely gorgeous. There are so many different types of shoes for fall as well! You can rock boots, heels, moccasins, and so much more! In this post, I will show you my favorites. Let's start!

Many of you probably noticed how popular the color purple was last season! Fortunately for all of my purple lovers, we will be seeing a lot more of it this year as well! This really excites me because plum shoes are fantastic! Here are a few examples of fun, plum shoes.

These suede boots are from Naturalizer Hayward. Aren't they cute?

I know most of you aren't UGG fans, but I don't mind them! I think these plum puppies are adorable. The buttons and weaving make them look awesome.

BOOTS. BOOTS. BOOTS. I love them so much. Let's talk about some boot trends that you are going to see on the streets this year. Ankle boots and over the knee boots are going to be very popular for fall! Anything suede or leather is great. I love boots with the motorcycle feel because they are very spunky! Also, boots with some embellishments like zippers are going to be very popular! Believe it or not, designers have been creating thigh boots or over the knee boots for this year. I am not confident enough to walk around in boots like that, but for any of you that are... Good luck!

Since dark reds, navys, and blacks are in style , the heels this season are hotter than ever. This year, classic stilettos are kicking the curb, and funky heels are stepping in. Try something with studs or fringe; both are very in this year. I also love the curved heel style.The slight curve in structure gives the classic heel a twist! Here are some awesome heels.

Let's wrap up this post talking about moccasins. I am a huge fan of this style of shoe because I love to feel comfy!! You can try classic moccasins like the ones in the first picture below or you can show of in ones with embellishments. I think moccasins are very pretty when they have fringe or embellishment because they feel more earthy that way! To me, moccasins are the perfect everyday shoes!

I hope you enjoyed this post all about my favorite things... SHOES!


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  2. I am in LOVE with moccasins!!!! I want to buy some nice ones but before I do I want to know how the heck to wear them! I don't know if I should wear them with things that I would wear Sperrys with (I Love Sperrys!!!!!) or what. Your help would be greatly appriciated!!! Thank You!

  3. I'm not a fan of uggs at all but the knit ones are very cute(: