Monday, July 12, 2010

Room Update

Hey everyone!

I decided to do a small blog post about my room that I will be redecorating, so you will be able to know when my room tour will be up. I actually just bought the paint yesterday, which was very exciting. It is not the exact color I wanted, but I think it will still look nice. I am going to paint every wall this deep lilac color. I think it will look very nice!

Everyone knows that before one starts painting he or she needs to prep the room first. What I mean by prep is putting on a base, fixing any imperfections on the walls, and taping the creases. This prepping process will begin on Thursday the 15th and end Thursday the 16th.

The next step is painting. My two best friends and I are actually going to be doing ALL the painting. We think it will be really fun! How hard could it be? :) Anyway, the painting will start and end on Monday the 19th. From that point on I will need to re-organize all of my things, and put everything back in my room. I think I will need until that Friday to have everything back in order; therefore, I will probably have the room tour up the last week of July.

I hope you eager ladies and gents can wait that long :)


  1. cant wait to see it! i just redid my room too!

  2. that sounds like so much fun, painting with your best friends! good luck!

  3. yay! :D i can't wait to see it.