Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lohmans Haul

Hey everyone! Today I have a small Lohmans haul for you. Lohmans is a store, like TJ-Max, that sells name brand clothing for half the price. I picked up three things that I want to show you guys!

1. DKNY Shirt

This shirt is awesome! I love the cinching at the bottom, and it fits me perfectly. I like that this can be a winter or summer shirt.

2. Free People Tunic

Isn't this adorable? The detailing on the tunic is fabulous. When I wear it, I feel like such a princess. Wow, I love it!

3. Black Bandeau

This was only $6, so I wanted to pick it up! I can wear this black bandeau under almost anything that I want, and since it is padded I couldn't resist.

I hope you enjoyed my small haul.

1 comment:

  1. Great haul. I'd never heard of those bandeaus before reading your blog.