Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hello loves! Today I am going to talk all about bandeaus. If you don't know what these amazing inventions are then I will teach you all about them.

Bandeaus basically serve as undershirts or camis, but are only about half the material! They cover your goodies, so that you can just throw one on when you wear a revealing shirt. They cover up everything without looking boring! The bandeaus come in so many different patterns and colors. I have two from Hollister, and they are lacy!

Here is a picture of the two I have:

Aren't they adorable? I got mine on sale for only $3!

Another advantage of bandeaus is the fact that you don't need to wear a bra with them! Since most of them are padded, you can avoid the trouble of a strapless bra. I hate wearing strapless bras because I always feel like I am gonna fall right out of them, but with bandeaus you can eliminate the bra and the cami with just one piece of fabric! Just for that simple reason the bandeaus are worth it!

Where Can I Buy Them?

There are a few places I know of that sell them, but I am sure you can find them almost anywhere! If you want cheap ones then you can go to Aeropostale. The ones they sell there are not padded, so they are harder to pull of because you need a bra under them. I think if the bandeau isn't padded then it is pointless because the whole point of them is to not wear a bra! But, at Aeropostale they are $2. The next place you can buy them is Hollister. They will probably still be selling them on sale for $3, so go get your hands on a few before they are all sold out! I love the two I have from there, and they are perfectly padded. Lastly, I know they sell really nice ones at Victorias Secret. These are a bit more expensive, but they are padded, so they are well worth it! I think they are 2 for $20.

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Please comment below and then me what you think of the new bandeau trend.


  1. i saw these at target, american eagel and Hollister! I want a pair!

  2. You influenced me to order a few on my own from There are some pretty cute ones on sale at Abercrombie, too! :)

  3. That is such a great deal. I bought one years back but it always fell off (and it was the smallest size the store had) but maybe now they will fit better.

  4. I love bandeaus. They are greeeeat for summer!