Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Outfit!

First of all I would just like to say happy easter to you all! I hope you have a wonderful, family-filled day :) Instead of doing a YT video I decided to do a OOTD here, on my blog. There are lots of pictures below so you can see what I chose to wear! What did you wear this nice, sunny day?

I kept my outfit simple today, wearing a high-waisted skirt, an off the shoulder tee, a purple KVZ bag, and a nice cross necklace to add some bling!
The shoes I am wearing are just simple gladiators from Charlotte Russe. They are brown and don't have much detail, but they look nice with the outfit.
Here is another quick glance at my outfit without the bag!
This is my new Kathy Van Zeeland bag! I showed this on my BlogTV last night. It is big and fun. I love the distressed feel of it and also the pretty lilac color.
For my jewelry, I decided to go a little crazy! I am wearing two rings. The big flower one is from Free People and the small heart one is from Tiffany. Next, I am wearing a long cross necklace to help the shirt pop more. Lastly, I am wearing two bracelets. One is from LUCKY and it is a simple, purple band with a pendant on it. The other is a silver bangle with a nice quote on it.
I went simple with my hair by just twisting my bangs back and straightening the rest!

That is all for my outfit today! I gotta say I felt like Dulce Candy when I was taking these pictures! She is such a diva and I love her! Anyway, have a fabulous Easter!


  1. i have that skirt!!! cute outfit :) btw, Check out my new blog if you ever get the chance, I just started and would love some tips!

  2. I love your outfit (: I wore a dress that looked somewhat like this (couldn't find the actual one): (orange one)
    With a jean jacket and some nice flip flops. Well first I had flats then I got tired :/ Lol :D

  3. loove the outfit :)
    and could you probably upload some pictures of your hair cut that
    would be really nice thank you :)