Sunday, June 13, 2010

Packing Tips and Tricks!

Hello everyone. This is just a continuation of my Spain packing video. I am going to tell you some more tips and get a little more in depth about what I am packing.

Carry On:

As you know I am bringing two carry on bags. I am bringing one handbag and then my backpack! The reason I am bringing two bags instead of just one is because I want my electronics and passport separated from everything else. The reason for the separation is because I want to be able to easily access my important papers and iPod rather than dig through my whole bag!

Here are some of the TSA rules for carry on items!
1. Nothing sharp (Scissors, knives) - I brought scissors on a plane once to do arts and crafts and they were taken from me!!!:(
2. Everything liquid or gel must be under 3.0 fl oz (You can't even have creams or liquidy foods like jam)
3. All the items under 3.0 fl oz you bring must be put in a 1 quart plastic bag!
4. Only 1 quart size bag is allowed per person
* Just remember 3-1-1: 3 fl oz items - All in one quart plastic bag - One bag per person.
5. You can only bring water that has been purchased in the airport near your gate. If can not be a bottle that was taken in the airport.

So, here is a list of everything I am going to put in my backpack:

Chapstick (Under 3 fl oz.) - I want soft lips!
Cards - You can never go wrong with a game of rummy :)
Paper or a Notebook - This is solely for doodling on the plane!
Pencils or Pens - Obviously so you can draw and write.
Small JACKET - I strongly recommend bringing some sort of jacket on the plane because it can be VERY chilly on planes. You may not use it, but at least it is there in case.
Gum- If you are like me, then you hate when your ears pop! Gum helps me sooo much as the plane is landing.
Sunglasses These can be used when you land at your destination!
Glasses Case - If you are going on an over night trip like I am wearing your contacts may not be a good idea. Since I will try to sleep on the plane, having a safe place to put my glasses is important. You don't want your glasses to fall on the floor of the plane of get smooshed.
Summer Reading - In my opinion, books are crucial when flying! Reading will take up so much time, not to mention help you get through your summer reading quickly.
Spanish Phrase Book - Obviously if you are flying to Florida this book will not be necessary, but having a Spanish phrase book will help me a lot when I land.
Tooth Paste and Tooth Brush - For when you land or when you are on the plane! It is always good to have fresh breath :)

*Here is the list of things I will have in my handbag:

Plane Information: Boarding Pass/ Electronic Ticket
ID ( Student id or license)
Camera Case
Camera Charger
iPod Charger

Now that I went through what I am bringing on the plane, I am going to talk about everything that I am packing in my suitcase!


I have one suitcase; it is actually pretty small, but I have some tips on how to fit everything you need inside! My tip is rolling. Some of you probably already roll your clothes when you travel, but if you don't then please try next time you are flying. Rolling will make your clothes drastically smaller, and save you so much room! In the video that will be up on Wednesday on my channel I will show you how I actually roll my clothes.

The next thing I am going to talk about is organizing my suit case. I use plastic gallon bags to section off my clothes in my suitcase. I make a bag for each outfit or, if everything can fit, a bag for 2 outfits. Then I just stack all the bags in my suit case. I did not put my pajamas in a bag because I didn't think they needed their own bag, but I did roll them! Some people will think that putting the clothes in plastic bags is a waste of time and resources, but I think it works really well! Another reason the bags are helpful, other than for organization, is that they will help keep your dirty clothes away from your clean clothes. When you are finished with an outfit you can just put it right back in the bag and zip it up!

Here are a list of the toiletries I am bringing:

1. Contact solution, case, and extra pair
2. Razor and a new blade
3. Shampoo
4. Conditioner
5. Deodorant
6. Body splash
7. Tooth paste and tooth brush
8. Liquid soap
9. Makeup remover
10. Hairspray
11. Shaving Cream
12. Sun screen
14. Tums
15. Blink eye drops
16. Mouth Wash
17. Q-tips
18. Clips

I will be wearing a very comfortable outfit on the plane! I like being able to relax on the plane, and not have to worry about being uncomfortable. So, my outfit will be Pink sweat-capris and a tee shirt! I am also wearing sneakers because I think they are so much easier than sandals or flip flops! They may seem like a hassle when you have to take them off at security, but they won't hurt your feet all day! You are going to be doing a lot of walking and the last thing you want is a blister. Another reason I like wearing sneakers on planes is because then you can take off your shoes and still have socks on!

Here is a list of the outfits I am bringing:

* I am wearing my black gladiator sandals with every outfit!

1. A blue halter dress with my button my blouse.
2. A pink high waisted skirt with a tight black v neck.
3. A floral skirt with a white v neck.
4. Romper with my blue blouse.
5. Jean capris with a floral cardigan and a coral tank.
6. Jean capris and my free people white shirt.
7. Jeggins under my blue tunic with a waist belt.
8. My funky pattern dress with a white tank top underneath.
9. My floral, denim skirt with a black v neck.

Then I am packing under shirts and spandex plus pajamas!

I am also bringing some clips and headbands to wear. I am even bringing jewelry, but nothing to fancy!

Here is a list of the makeup I am bringing:

1. Rimmel Fix and Perfect
2. Urban Decay Primer Potion
3. Maybelline Define a line Eye liner
4. Covergirl Lash Blast mascara
5. Maybelline Brow gel
6. NARS Laguna Bronzer
7. Revlon Eye lash curlers
8. Mulch e/s
9. All that Glitters e/s
10. Still Kitten e/s
11. MAC Well Dressed Blush
12. MAC Select Coverup Concealer
13. MSFN
14. Femme Fi e/s
15. Black track Fluide-line
16. SS 150
17. SS 217
18. SS 209
19. SS 152


- Try to keep your clothes the same tone, but if you can't then bring atleast one light jacket that will match EVERYTHING!
- Bring one pair of universal shoes. They need to be able to look good with any outfit you bring.
- If your clothes get wrinkly when you land then un-wrinkle them by hanging them in your bathroom as you shower. The steam should help!
- Bring lots of undershirts and underwear!
- Make sure you rip all the price tags off your clothes because some of the tags are too hard to get off without scissors! You wouldn't want to rip your stuff.
- Lay out your outfits before you pack them to make sure you have everything!
- Make check lists. They will help you not forget anything.
- Carry your toiletries in plastic bags incase they spill!

Have a great time on your trips this summer!


  1. omg thanks soo much this is soo help ful oen thing . is there certain restrictions for makeup or liquids for ur normal luggage like will they check it in front of you or...? sorry im new to this and im going on vacation three times this summer i dont wnt to have anything bad happen kus i decided to bring some primer with me LOL

  2. pam,

    There are NO restrictions for liquids in your checked luggage!


    love the packing list, I am going to europe for 3 weeks this summer too! one thing you may want to consider is NOT wearing sneakers on the plane, because...
    1. At security, you have to take your shoes off. Therefor, you will have to untie them, take them off, and then sit down and put them back on. I would recommend going with something like Burkenstock or sandals that you can slip on and off.
    2. Once you get o the plane, and are seated, you will notice it is a LOT harder to get shoes off rather than you normally would. The airplane seats are designed o be deeper, therefor, something you could take off easier is better.

    Also, remember the terrain in Span. Many streets are cobblestone and uneven pavement. Gladiator sandals may not be the best idea because of the thin sole. The shoes will get uneven, and after a week of walking in them, your feet will hurt. Also little pebbles easily get into gladiator sandals. The streets of spain tend to have little pebbles on them.

    I don't want to sound like a know-it-all. I just know all of this because I am a world traveler, being on over 200 flights in my life time. My father is a pilot, so we travel everywhere. Good Luck!

  3. great post! (:

  4. Yes, Pam Charlotte is right! There is no restrictions on checked liquids and gels!

    & Thanks for all the tips Charlotte. I know sneakers are a some what annoying when you fly, but I just feel most comfortable in them! I don't know why...but I have been on all my flights with them!

    & Yeah you are right about the gladiators; they might end up hurting a bit, but my teacher who I am going with said no sneakers for walking around... which I did not really understand!

    Hahahaha thank you for being concerned though. I appreciate it :)


  5. thanks alex and charlotte!

  6. Alex,

    You may want to consider wearing somehting like converse. They actually mold really well into your feet, and the inch platform helps you not feel any pebbles! Also, because of the fabric, converse dry really quickly. They are pretty inexpensive for the quality, only about $40.00

  7. alex,
    this is honestly one of the best posts i have ever seen on packing.
    and its expecialy great since im going on a cruise next week.
    i LOVE that youre such a great packer and dont carry like 3 suitcases with a whole lot of makeup and outfits that you probably wouldnt even end up know what i mean?
    anywayss great post.please do moree! thanks.

  8. This post is so helpful. I used every tip when I was packing for my beach vacation this month. Thanks so much!

  9. I have a few questions, maybe you can post the answer on my blog.

    I will be traveling by airplane soon and I do not know what to do about brining a laptop and purse. i guess the airline we are going on does not allow carry on bags to be with the passenger (so idk why they call it carry on) so the only thing we can bring on board is the personal item. The personal item is considered a purse or laptop or briefcase

    Would I be able to put my laptop in my purse and bring that as my carry on?

    Any tips for a first time flyer?


  10. How did u manage with both a purse
    and a carry on?