Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Summer Wish List 1

Hello lovelies!

Since summer is around the corner, there are a few clothing items that I have recently seen and fell in love with. They are just some trends I saw and wanted to try out for myself. There are also a few makeup products on my wish list as well. Enough of the chit chat, here I go!

1. Woodlore Tie Hanger- You might be wondering, "Why in the world does she want that thing?" If I were you, I would be thinking the same thing, but I actually saw this in seventeen magazine this week and fell in love with it. Now, I will not be using this for ties, but in stead for necklaces. I have tons of long necklaces, and they always get tangled when I put them in a jewelry box. I want to hang all my necklaces from this tie hanger; therefore, they will no longer get tangled and stuck!
2. Colorful Blazer- I desperately want to buy on these puppies. I have a black blazer from H&M that I adore, but I want a bright one to throw on in the summer. Of course I will still wear my black one in the summer, but I think owning one with a pop of color would be really nice. Blazers are very sophisticated, and I love their polished look. If anyone knows where I can get an inexpensive colorful blazer please let me know! I need one ASAP :)

3. Button Up Fashion Shirt- I love the way these breezy shirts look. They can be casual or fancy. You can grab this shirt and wear it with shorts, or you could even put on a pair of leggings and a waist belt to make the look formal. Oh gosh I can't tell you how much I adore these shirt! Can you say comfy cute?

4. The Perfect Summer Dress- I have no summer dresses. It is becoming a big problem. I was never really a dress person, but this past year I have grown to love the femininity of them. They are so girly and fun! I need to pick one up for myself. I would prefer a floral one like the first one below.

5. Hot Tools Waver- I LOVE WAVY HAIR. I do know how to wave my hair without heat (sleeping in braids), but I think the waves with the waver are even more gorgeous. Wavy hair is so in right now, and some people have a difficult time getting the perfect look! One of these wavers would make the waves I want!

6. A Romper- Wow! I think rompers are fabulous. You have to be a little gutsy to wear them because unlike other fashion trends, rompers are unique. They are a little crazy and different, but I love the way they look. I am always looking for new, exciting fashion; and rompers certainly fit the bill.
7. Tinted Lip Conditioner- I have wanted to try this MAC product out for quite some time now. I am obsessed with chapsticks, and this product looks amazing.
That is all that is on my wishlist at the moment!! I might make a YouTube video about this, but I have to think about it. What do you think? Do you want to hear me say a little more about my wishlist on my channel? Let me know below!


  1. that hanger look adorable! where would you find something like it?

    Summer dresses are so in! I seriously bought 12 these past weeks. Can't even wear them since it's like 53F everyday.
    Check out Urban Outfitters! Forever21 always has cheap but cute ones too!

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  3. omg everything is soo amzing especially the romper. do you know where thats from?

  4. that romper is too cutee!!! i also lovee rompers, but i dont want to look to old/mature in them..idk.but i think they are SO cute!
    and i have alot of those button up shirts! they are so versatile!

  5. (involving the tinted lip conditioner:) I've always heard that the lip conditioners were discontinued but the other day when I was looking on the MAC Cosmetics website, they had a bunch in stock that you could order.. Any idea what's going on?

    I want a romper too! And more summer dresses! I have one from American Eagle that I got a year ago, but it's not extremely summery. It's navy blue with a sweetheart neck, removable spaghetti straps, a tie around the back, and little pockets on the each side of the hip.. But I still want more! :D

  6. the tinted lip conditioner is going to be discontinued but not for a while. I just know that im gonna pick one up before their gone!!!

  7. How do u get web pictures on ur blog?
    Btw I just added a real juicy persona blog about my friends and boyfriends :)