Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break.

OHHH the two words we love to hear as our school year is winding down. I have to say, I have never wanted spring break this badly in a long time! I feel like I need a period of time for myself to relax and unwind! I haven't had free time since last summer and I miss it! Another good thing about spring break, besides the extra time, is the fact that it means summer is right around the corner! Just think about it. Once you get back from spring break April is almost over. That means you only have May and just a little bit of June left! Doesn't that just make you feel so happy? It makes me want to jump up and down. I think I will. (JUMPING AND DANCING) Anyway, I just wanted to post this small blog to remind you to have a ball over your spring break and also to let you know that summer is coming sooner then you think!


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  1. whoo! we had spring break last week :( now im bak in school but we get out in may 28 so its almost here :D have fun on your spring break!